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Prices are the same for both rooms.

From June 1st through September 30th, the rooms are $150 per night, based on a one nights stay, and $135 per night for two nights or more.

In the off-season, we charge $135 per night based on one nights stay, and $115 per night for two nights or more.

Cancellation Policy: During peak season (June 1st through September 30th), we require 5 days notice for cancellations. During off-season, we require 3 days notice for cancellation. One night's stay will be charged to guests who do not provide the required days notice of cancellation.

Mailing Information
PPBB, 511 Drake Street
Nanaimo, Canada, V9S 2S8

Alternatively, you may fill out the following form to book a reservation. You will be contacted confirming the details of your stay.

Due to some browser security settings, you may find you are unable to submit this form. If you are having difficulty with this reservation form, please simply email us at info@thepineandpicket.com with your name, your contact information, the length of stay with us and your preferred room. Thank you.

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One Two

One Two

Madagascar Provence

Yes No

The Pine and Picket

Ania and Ingvar
your hosts

A balcony view
of the Marina

Another view of the Pine

Flowers in Spring

Pond in Spring

Front Entrance

Rhodos around the pond

The Cottage

Welcoming stairs

Rhodo garden

Ania's scones

Pond in Summer

Fresh berries in the morning

Fig trees

Street view

The Madagascar Suite

The Guest Lounge

The Provence Suite

Eggs Benedict

Breakfast with your hosts

The dining room

A view from the porch

Provence Suite patio

Our decorative entrance

Ania on the
cover of Essence

Ocean view from
the Pine and Picket

Ingvar and his M38